Giving Tuesday

If you've been past the grounds this year, you've noticed that the consolidated schoolhouse was successfully tuck pointed, the two room, one room, and gas station received a fresh coat of paint, and we erected the Beverly Hiller Memorial Theatre! It's been a full year of work, but we are far from done.
This #GivingTuesday we are focusing our efforts towards our two room schoolhouse, many of you know it as our haunted house during Halloween. The board at Grand Meadow has made the decision to to restore this building rather than keep it as a haunted house.
The two room schoolhouse was built in 1912; the first floor handled education for grades first through sixth, while the second floor managed seventh through twelfth. When the consolidated school building was erected in 1920, the two room was then remodeled to house teachers and the custodian, a duty it carried until 1965. According to the architects at the Iowa Cultural and History Center is Des Moines, this is the last building in Iowa to be used as a school and a teacherage. All other buildings like it have been demolished or converted into another use. We are only able to find 4 other buildings like this in the United States.
Given all of that, we feel our two room building needs to be restored to museum standard. Given it's size and condition; if we raise enough funds quickly, we could have this project completed within a year and tour-able!
Everything we accomplish out here at Grand Meadow is made possible by donations from you! We are so grateful and thankful for everything we have finished this year and hope to be just as successful going into this next year!
If you would like to donate to this project, please contact
Joel @ 712-898-1059
Beth@ 712-229-6037
Grand Meadow Heritage Center
Washta, Iowa 51061
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