About US

-Our History-
Grand Meadow Heritage Center is the site of District 5 Grand Meadow Township school. Built in 1881, the original one room schoolhouse was built with logs that were floated down the Little Sioux River from Cherokee to Washta.
In 1912, a two story schoolhouse was erected on the school grounds with a high school upstairs and a grade school downstairs.
In 1919, parents in the Grand Meadow Township voted to consolidate the smaller 9 one-room schoolhouses in one school. The cornerstone was laid in 1920 for the large three story brick schoolhouse. The old two story schoolhouse was moved to the Southeast corner of the grounds to be used as a teachers’ residence. By the 1940’s, the school consisted of: the large brick schoolhouse, the teacherage, two homes, a temporary trailer home, a manual training building, and a music building (both quanset huts currently on location). A spacious playground, lunchroom and kitchen had been incorporated.
In 1959, the school reorganized in Marcus. The last students graduated from the Grand Meadow school in 1961. The last pupils attended the school until 1973, when the school officially closed its doors
-Our Mission-
The Grand Meadow Heritage Center was formed by alumni of the Grand Meadow school and volunteers. The former students didn’t want to see their old school lost in the sands of time. Thus, the Grand Meadow Heritage Center was born. Our mission is to preserve and protect Iowa’s agricultural past for our present and future generations. The heritage center continues to add buildings and exhibits of historical significance to its complex.
-What We’re Doing Today-
We host annual events throughout the year that include:
Taste of Grand Meadow- Where beer,wine, and distilled spirits vendors come together to offer their drink selections for sampling and purchase. This event also offers local vendors and crafters to show their products and services!
The Annual Heritage Festival- our biggest event of the year, is held the first weekend after Labor Day. This festival not only opens up all the buildings on grand meadow but also puts on historically accurate demonstrations, products, and entertainment!
Halloween Haunted House- this happens every October, the public joins us for a scare within the two-room school house and basement of the brick schoolhouse! Open the three weekends before Halloween, there are activities for all ages!
-How can you help?-
The Grand Meadow Heritage Center is a non-profit organization. The Heritage Center is maintained through yearly activities and fundraisers, as well as donations from the public. Through your generous support, the Grand Meadow Heritage Center will continue to entertain and educate the generations to come!